What is the Trick Revealed?

The Trick Revealed is a creative inspiration newsletter filled with profiles of funny projects, design inspiration, and brand voices that sing.

The issues come in a variety of formats:

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If you're into a funny and thought provoking newsletter - think College Humor without the "College" then The Trick Revealed is the place for you! You'll get three to four issues a month.

Who am I?

I find owls relaxing, teach Inferno Hot Pilates on the weekends, and I am fascinated by human behavior. I've worked in tech as a Product Developer, Engineering Manager, and Director for close to 20 years.

I love to write and design, and I'm developing The Trick Revealed as a place to park my thoughts and creations. Checkout this page if you want to read a little bit more about me, and give this newsletter a share if you feel like any of your pals might like it.

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